General Rules

  1. NHRA or IHRA Jr. Dragster rules and guidelines will be observed at the respective sanctioning body facilities.
  2. Participating driver must hold an NHRA and/or IHRA competition license.
  3. The area and procedure for starting the engine will be defined by the officials on an event-to-event basis based on the track layout.
  4. Dial-Ins must be written on the side of the car, or if a dial-in board is being utilized it MUST be attached to the side of the car. Holding the dial-in board by a crew member is prohibited.
  5. Air filter doping is prohibited.
  6. No oil additives to engine oil for horsepower gains. A sample of oil may be taken from any entry for analysis.
  7. No oxygen sensors allowed in the exhaust system.
  8. Age - A driver's competition age is the actual attained age as of  January 1 of the year being competed in.  A driver who ages up during the year may continue to compete in the class they started the year in, or may move to a higher class once their actual attained age qualifies them. But, accumulated championship points will not be transferred to the higher class.
  9. Any documented violation of age, engine capacity rules or falsification of documents may result in a minimum five-race suspension, a cash fine, and/or loss of all series points.

Race Procedures

  1. Restarts - Only one restart after the car has passed the water box.
    1. Once one pre-stage bulb is lit, neither competitor may restart their car. If either competitor's car shuts off, while one pre-stage bulb is lit, they forfeit the round.
  2. Auto Start - IHRA auto start settings will be used in all classes, except, 11.90 7-9 Year Old Age Group, Trophy and All Run BIG Money.
  3. Tires - No treating/prepping tires passed the water box.
  4. Deep Staging – Deeps staging is permitted in all classes, but it is NOT guaranteed. (If the track's timing system is not set up for deep staging you MAY be disqualified with a red-light.) Please check with track officials before attempting. DEEP must be displayed on both sides of the car.
  5. Courtesy Staging – Courtesy staging will be in effect at all times. Both contestants must activate their pre-stage lights before either entry may advance into the stage beams.
  6. Crew Members – A Crew Member is not allowed to touch the car in any manner after the PRE-STAGE bulb is lit in your lane! Driver will be disqualified and shutdown immediately if this infraction occurs.  This rule also applies to bye-runs.
  7. Bye Runs – The car must stage under its own power to claim round win. Bye runs will be based upon reaction time of the previous round or time trial. (does not apply to Outlaw 330)
  8. Protests - Any protest or question must be voiced PRIOR to participant staging his/her car. If you take the tree, the run will stand.
  9. Call to the lanes and lane closure – Traffic cones will be placed at the back of a class’s staging lanes at the predetermined time detailed below. These cones signal the lanes are closed for that round of racing. Failure to be in the lanes when the cones are placed will result in disqualification from that class.
    1. Lane closure will occur two (2) minutes AFTER the final call to the lanes for that class has been made. The final call will be made when there are no more than 16 cars behind the ready line remaining to be run. When down to the quarter final or deeper round (8 cars or less), the cones will continue to be placed two (2) minutes after final call. The timing of the final call will be at the discretion of the race director.
    2. When a racer is still in competition in two (2) or more classes at the same time and or a race team has more than one racer still in competition, consideration will be given as to the timing of lane closure for those particular racers.
    3. If a racer has an issue delaying their arrival at the lanes before closure, they should immediately notify the race director of their situation and do so BEFORE the lanes are closed. At that time of notification, it will be determined if additional time will be granted to that racer.

THE RULES BOOK IS INTENDED AS A GUIDE TO REFLECT THE SOUTHWEST JR. DRAGSTER SERIES RULES IN GENERAL. If something is not specifically ALLOWED in these rules you are advised to check with the SouthWest Jr. Dragster Series Race Director BEFORE you attempt to race at a SouthWest Jr. Dragster Series event. The SouthWest Jr. Dragster Series holds the right to amend any and all rules to this series at any time with the popular vote of the members.